Hi, I’m Nurse Betty

I have been doing quite a bit of research lately on childhood vaccinations. Of course, CDC guarantees that vaccinations are genuinely safe for all children, unless they have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. In order to combat childhood illness, it is necessary to vaccinate all children that live within the United States.

Many parents are concerned about the autism and vaccine scare, so they are refusing to have their children undergo the recommended childhood vaccinations. My children, now 30-35 were vaccinated, without issues, but with more and more questions rising one must wonder if they are truly as safe as our government would have us to believe.

Most of the immigrants and foreign visitors that are arriving in our country daily do not have proof of a vaccination record. This not only puts our children at a high risk of coming into contact with contagious illnesses that are potentially life threatening.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield noted a linked to childhood vaccinations and autism, but this was determined to be a fraud and he was banned for practicing medicine in the UK. The United States congress is continuously debating this issue, as we speak, so hopefully they will take drastic measures to protect our children from contagious illnesses and potentially harmful vaccines.


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