My Experience With Taking Care Of My Elderly Parent

My mother was in her early 40’s, when I was born. Although it is very unusual for middle-aged women to give birth, but it definitely happened in my case. My mother was diagnosed with dementia, when she turned 80 years old. Individuals that are inexperienced with this diagnosis will not understand where I am coming from, but it is important to educate yourself on this term, because the reported cases are continuously increasing.


When children are responsible for taking care of their debilitated parent, it becomes a responsibility like no other. You feel compelled to repay your parent for everything they have done for you over your lifetime, which means you will need to dedicate yourself to this task for as long as it takes.


You will face many challenges, when your all of your time is occupied with caring for your dementia-ridden parent. I did not take my responsibilities lightly, by no means, because I devoted my days and nights to my mother. Believe me, there where many sleepless nights that I struggled through, but I am proud of my devotion and satisfied with how well I cared for every aspect of my mother’s needs.


I have to admit that not every aspect of taking of my mother was difficult or intolerable. In fact, I enjoyed listening to her speak and act like a child. Do not get me wrong, when I say this, because unless you have ever been in this situation, you will not understand where I am coming from. Today, I sit back and reminisce about a particular occurrence that me and my mother went through, when she had an accident.

We rushed her to the ER, where the physician immediately scheduled her for an x-ray of her hip, because this is the most common fracture seen in the elderly. Thank goodness, my mother’s x-ray results were negative, but she was not happy with having to remain stable, during the diagnostic test. She comes out of the x-ray room and says the most sweetest, funniest comment, “They will never get me in that type of contraption ever again.” I remember laughing so hard that I ended up crying, while my mother was very sincere in her remark.


If you ever have to become the responsible offspring, I advise you to take the task in stride, because it is definitely a difficult one. Set your mind to it and you will see it through to the end.


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