Tips For Allergy Proofing Your Home

Allergies are not fun. Watering eyes, running nose, and sneezing your brains out. Don’t worry you are not alone studies so that 20% of Americans suffer from allergies. Of course, you can always turn to medications to help relieve your symptoms, but it may be far more effective to remove the irritants from your home. Below you will learn some information and tips about how to allergy proof your home.

Access The Problem

Before you start making in drastic changes in your home the first thing you are going to have to figure out is what exactly is causing your difficulties. You will have to visit an allergist and he or she will be able to run some test to find out what is causing your problems. It may turn out that you just happen to be allergic to Fido. Some of the most common types of allergy triggers are dust mites, pollens, mold, and pet dander.

Starting In The Bedroom

Once you know what is causing your problems the best place to start your attack will be in the bedroom. The ideal is that you spend so much time in the bed that if you can get a good night sleep then you will be able to start your day refreshed. If dust is one thing that you are allergic to then you can start by covering your mattress and pillows with zip-on dust mite covers.

Remove Carpet And Padding

If you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home then you may find yourself in a dilemma. The reason for this is because just about every allergy will accumulate in carpet, and when you walk over the carpet you are simple rereleasing the allergy into the air. If at all possible it would be best to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring or something similar.

Stop The Problem Before It Enters The Home

It is a good idea to lie down to doormats at each entryway. Place one on the outside of the home and one on the inside of the room. These will prevent that annoying little irritant from making their way into your home. Another option is to simply make your guests and family member remove their shoes before they enter your home.

Invest In A New Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner does not already contain a HEPA filter then you are going to want to upgrade to one that does. HEPA filters are specially designed to trap tiny particles, which means they will be able to capture most allergens.

Heating And Air Filters

Always make sure that you are replacing your HVAC systems filters as recommended. You could even consider upgrading your filter system. There are also now HEPA filters that are available for heating and air systems.

Get Rid Of Those Drapes

Blinds and shades are much better than curtains because they will trap less allergen. However, if you are stuck on those drapes then make sure you purchase ones that are washing machine applicable. This will make it much easier to keep them dust free.

Make sure that you vacuum them at least one a week, and wash them at least once a month.


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