How I Enhanced The Security Around My Home

One night I was woken by an unfamiliar sound outside of my window. At first I thought that I was dreaming, but unfortunately there was a stranger trying to break into my home. Well, I knew that I needed to enhance the security around my home, but the problem was I did not know how.

Security Camera

When I finally came to myself, I decided to call a security company and have them install a complete security system in my home. They were very helpful and immediately scheduled an appointment to come out to my home and give me an estimate.


I was shocked to discover that my new home security system was going to cost me about $1,500 give or take a few, which I could not afford. I decided to call my son and encourage him to install the system for me.

I purchased a high-quality security system with outdoor cameras and the best smart home hub. It cost me $700, but that was half the price of the security company costs. I was thrilled and my son immediately began to install it.


Well, I am happy to report that I receive notifications via my iPhone every time the motion sensor is triggered. This helps me sleep at night, but I still owe my son a special dinner with my special chicken entrée recipe.


Tips On How To Know If Your Pregnant

Becoming pregnant is a dream for some women, because they suffer from infertility. Of course, it is never hurts to familiarize yourself with the signs of pregnancy, so you will know exactly when to expect that beautiful bundle of joy.

Due Date

In order to determine the exact due date, you will need to know exactly when conception occurred. If you are familiar with the signs of pregnancy, then you will know exactly when conception occurred. This alone will help determine the exact due date.

Hormonal Changes

A pregnant female’s body will be undergoing innumerable hormonal changes. Not only will there be changes in her mood, but she will also experience physical changes in her body. Breast tenderness and abdominal bloating are two symptoms that will occur, when a lady gets pregnant.

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is phenomenal occurrence that many believe to be related to the egg implanting itself in the uterus. While many women will mistake implantation bleeding for their normal period, it is genuinely different.

Not all women experience this symptom, but it is still very common. Spotting will begin, but may only last for several hours. Of  course, it is not unusual for the pink or brown spotting to last for 24-hours, but no longer.

Implantation bleeding will begin around 3-7-days prior to your expected menstrual cycle. Learn the answer to “how long does implantation bleeding last“, so you will know exactly what to expect.


Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and you will enjoy it much more, if you take the time to educate yourself on the entire process beginning at conception and ending at birth.



How Compost Can Fertilize Your Garden

Compost can definitely turn any ordinary garden into a viable vegetable or flower garden. Compost consists of organic material that can replace store bought fertilizer, plus it is much safer for human consumption.

What is in Compost?

The first step is to develop a compost bin. This can be made out of a large plastic garbage can, but this will depend on how much food waste you will have.

  • Egg shells
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Pasta
  • Paper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Leaves

These are only a few of the ingredients that you can utilize in your compost bin.


By composting, you will be saving the Earth from dangerous toxins. You can also recycle your other wastes including plastic, glass, and metals. You can contact your local garbage service provider to see if they offer recycling services. Of course, you may have to pay $5-15 every three months for this service, but it will be worth it because these wastes can be recycled into new products.

Garbage Disposal

If you are too busy to compost, you should consider investing in a garbage disposal. This device is capable of pulverizing leftovers into a liquidity consistency, so it can be flushed down the drain.

Do a bit of research on the best garbage disposals, before you actually select a specific brand. Each brand will offer a variety of benefits, but you want to purchase one that offers an extended warranty.

Eating Healthy Will Extend Your Life Expectancy

It is a proven fact that eating a healthy diet will increase your life expectancy. As the years go by, medical technology and medicine continues to improve, people continue to live longer. With this being said, it always helps to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Heart Health

Exercise is the best thing that you will ever do for your heart. Of course, it is never easy to pull yourself out of bed every day and head to the gym, but you should do it any way. By working out daily, you will be increasing the blood circulation to your heart.

The heart is one of the largest muscles in the body. By exercising, you will be strengthening your heart muscle, so that it will function more efficiently.

Healthy Snacks

While there an unlimited supply of snacks on the market, none of them will compare to dehydrated foods. You will need to check out the best food dehydrator reviews, before you actually buy one of these appliances. Just because the product is called a dehydrator does not necessarily mean that it will function efficiently and dehydrate your foods thoroughly.

Tomatoes, yogurt, apples, carrots, beef, turkey, and strawberries are among the long list of foods that you can dehydrate.


If you dehydrate your foods, their nutritional value count will not be altered, this is unlike cooking, where a large percentage of the nutrients are boiled away.

Food Wastes And Greenhouse Emissions

Instead of tossing your leftover food in the trash bin, you should consider using it to make compost. Compost can be made out of organic waste products such as vegetables, fruits, and coffee grounds.

Greenhouse Emissions

Food that is discarded in the landfill will produce a large quantity of methane gases, which is very dangerous to the environment.

Compost Bin

You can save your leftovers, except meat and put them in a compost bin. You will find step-by-step guides on the Internet that will show you exactly how to develop a compost bin or container.


Water is the key to your waste breaking down faster. By dampening the compost pile at least weekly, you will be speeding up the process drastically. Within 2-3 months, you will have yourself a fertile compost pile to add to your garden.

Garbage Disposal

If you do not have time to create a compost pile, you should invest in a garbage disposal. These kitchen appliances are capable of grinding up large quantities of food waste into a very find consistency. The ground particles will be flushed down into the sewage system, where they will safely turn into a liquid.

Do a thorough search for best garbage disposals, before you actually make your final selection.



My Personal Story About Being Burglarized

I thought that I lived in a virtually safe location, but boy was I ever so wrong. I work the nightshift at a local hospital, which leaves my home attended during these hours. I was shocked to return home early one morning to find my front door smashed in. I was so upset that I could barely dial the 911 number on my mobile phone.

Fear Kicked In

I found myself in total shock that someone would burglarize my home, since the area that I lived in had a very low crime rate. Once the policeman arrived, the fear finally kicked in. By this time, my entire body was shaking with fear and anxiety. My neighbor came over to my home to offer assistance, where it was needed and I began immediately crying inconsolably.

What to Do

The police officer did a thorough investigation and completed a crime report, before exiting. Now what was I going to do to ensure that this would never happen to me again? Well, at first I could not think of anything, because I was so frightened. I just wanted to snuggle up under my bed covers and never show my face to the world again, but I knew that this was not an alternative for me.


The next day, I was scheduled to be off of work, so I called my neighbor and we decided to head out to the hardware store. I purchased several of the best deadbolt locks that I could find. I did want to purchase a smart home lock, but knew very little about them. When I returned home I immediately began a full search on the best smart lock reviews and educated myself on these products.


I finally received my smart lock and had it installed with 30 minutes. I absolutely love it, because it keeps me safe and burglars at bay.

5 Healthy After School Snacks

The first thing that your children will ask for when they return from school is a snack. Of course, you can always hand them a bag of chips, but is the genuinely healthy for their young bodies? No, because chips are filled with carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. Below you will discover 5 healthy after school snacks that will benefit your children greatly.

Boiled Egg

A hardboiled egg is filled with protein, which is important for your child’s growth and body functions. Protein will also help build muscle mass and suffice your child’s hunger cravings, until supper. This healthy snack is around 75 calories of goodness.

Beef Jerky

Dehydrated beef jerky is a delicious snack that can be created right in your kitchen. All you need is a Nesco snackmaster Pro FD-75a food dehydrator and you can create some of the most delicious snacks for your children. Beef jerky is around 97% fat free and very low in carbohydrates. You should only give your child one beef jerky stick a day. The sodium content in one stick will meet the daily recommended allowance.


One cup of apples will definitely satisfy your child’s hunger. This snack is filled with vitamins that will boost your child’s immune system and keep them free of childhood illnesses. This snack is around 75-85 calories, which is perfect for a small child.


A small bowl of carrots and one tablespoon of fat-free vegetable dip will definitely make your child happy. If you have difficulty enticing your children to consume vegetables, just add a bit of fat-free vegetable dip and they will never refuse those healthy carrots again.


Vegetables and fruits make the perfect after school snack, but as you can see, your child can definitely benefit from dehydrated foods.

The Importance Of The Right Shoes

As you should know, your feet are absolutely vital! If you happen to injure your feet or toes, you will have a tremendously difficult time getting through the workday. At the same time, you may not even be able to get out of bed. With this in mind, you may want to explore the importance of wearing the right shoes. Within this guide, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the importance of wearing proper footwear.

Whether or not you know it, failing to wear proper shoes can actually have a detrimental impact on your adrenal glands and bladder. Failing to wear the right shoes can actually result in feet deformation, if you’re not careful. A proper pair of shoes will help to keep your feet comfortable and will also properly support the muscles in your feet.

The insoles are important, but you should not neglect the size of the shoes. Wearing shoes, which are too big or too small, will result in significant and substantial problems. If the shoes are too big, they’ll frequently slide up and down and will result in blisters, cuts and sores. If the shoes are too small, the circulation to your feet may be cut off and more problems may occur.

It is also believed that improper shoes can interfere with the meridian points, within your feet. If this happens, health problems associated with the liver, stomach and kidney could occur.


How To Choose

Now that you’re familiarized yourself with the health problems associated with improper shoes, it is essential to learn how to find the right shoes. First, you should consider getting your feet measured by a professional. If you do, you will be able to achieve the perfect fit for both feet. When you visit the store and try on the shoes, you should wear them throughout the store. If they slip and don’t feel comfortable enough, you should switch them for another pair or another size.

Don’t purchase the shoes, until you’re completely satisfied. All in all, proper shoes are integral to your overall health and ignoring your footwear could be a disastrous mistake. With this in mind, you should check out the best nursing shoes right now! These shoes will be incredibly comfortable and they’ll keep your feet safe and sound.