My Personal Story About Being Burglarized

I thought that I lived in a virtually safe location, but boy was I ever so wrong. I work the nightshift at a local hospital, which leaves my home attended during these hours. I was shocked to return home early one morning to find my front door smashed in. I was so upset that I could barely dial the 911 number on my mobile phone.

Fear Kicked In

I found myself in total shock that someone would burglarize my home, since the area that I lived in had a very low crime rate. Once the policeman arrived, the fear finally kicked in. By this time, my entire body was shaking with fear and anxiety. My neighbor came over to my home to offer assistance, where it was needed and I began immediately crying inconsolably.

What to Do

The police officer did a thorough investigation and completed a crime report, before exiting. Now what was I going to do to ensure that this would never happen to me again? Well, at first I could not think of anything, because I was so frightened. I just wanted to snuggle up under my bed covers and never show my face to the world again, but I knew that this was not an alternative for me.


The next day, I was scheduled to be off of work, so I called my neighbor and we decided to head out to the hardware store. I purchased several of the best deadbolt locks that I could find. I did want to purchase a smart home lock, but knew very little about them. When I returned home I immediately began a full search on the best smart lock reviews and educated myself on these products.


I finally received my smart lock and had it installed with 30 minutes. I absolutely love it, because it keeps me safe and burglars at bay.


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