How Compost Can Fertilize Your Garden

Compost can definitely turn any ordinary garden into a viable vegetable or flower garden. Compost consists of organic material that can replace store bought fertilizer, plus it is much safer for human consumption.

What is in Compost?

The first step is to develop a compost bin. This can be made out of a large plastic garbage can, but this will depend on how much food waste you will have.

  • Egg shells
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Pasta
  • Paper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Leaves

These are only a few of the ingredients that you can utilize in your compost bin.


By composting, you will be saving the Earth from dangerous toxins. You can also recycle your other wastes including plastic, glass, and metals. You can contact your local garbage service provider to see if they offer recycling services. Of course, you may have to pay $5-15 every three months for this service, but it will be worth it because these wastes can be recycled into new products.

Garbage Disposal

If you are too busy to compost, you should consider investing in a garbage disposal. This device is capable of pulverizing leftovers into a liquidity consistency, so it can be flushed down the drain.

Do a bit of research on the best garbage disposals, before you actually select a specific brand. Each brand will offer a variety of benefits, but you want to purchase one that offers an extended warranty.


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